We know that Downtown Manhattan Beach is home to some of your favorite things and we invite you to share those with us as we develop a vision for Downtown.

Dan Constant almost 10 years ago

Here are some suggestions for downtown Manhattan Beach: 1. Widen some sidewalks downtown to better accommodate pedestrians (especially MBB between Strand & Valley). Create additional seating areas. 2. Von’s Market could use some sprucing up. 3. Think about community programs for the New Library, and how the library will impact downtown when it opens.
4. Have a downtown farmers market on a weekend morning (seems like you would have more patronage compared to the current Tuesday 11-5 schedule). 5. Make downtown more bicycle friendly, with better bike access via Highland/Rosecrans, Valley/Ardmore, Pacific, and Manhattan Beach Blvd.
6. Keep Valley/Ardmore the way they are, and don’t close off Manhattan Beach Blvd. 7. Keep alleyways clean behind shops and restaurants.

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David Biggs, Sr. Management Analyst, City of Manhattan Beach admin almost 10 years ago

Thank you for sharing your ideas. I have moved your ideas to the Downtown Plan Project portion of the MB Forum as that is where we will be posting the feedback from the Downtown Visioning Forum we recently hosted.