Meeting Time: November 05, 2019 at 6:00pm PST
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Agenda Item

18. 19-0435 Consider a Request by Councilmember Napolitano, Mayor Hersman and Mayor Pro Tem Montgomery to Consider Two Downtown Intersection Enhancements: All-Direction Crosswalks and String Lighting (Public Works Director Katsouleas). DISCUSS AND PROVIDE DIRECTION

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    Nicole Andrews over 4 years ago

    What about pedestrian education? I see people just walking out in front of cars. how are mutli directional cross walks going to help drivers of cars

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    Gary Osterhout over 4 years ago

    FYI, the 1998 City Downtown Walking Tour results from a resident survey significantly supported all direction/diagonal crosswalks, but the proposition was shot down by the reviewing council.

    I again do not like this process. If you would just vote up or down to review without further discussion, then fine. As it plays out, council is framing the final vote without providing information to the public to provide input. In this particular situation, what does "string lighting" reference?