Meeting Time: January 07, 2020 at 6:00pm PST
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Agenda Item

1. 20-0012 Consider: 1) Approving the Final Assessment Engineer's Report for Underground Utility Assessment District (UUAD) 19-4; 2) Confirming the Assessments and Proceedings for UUAD 19-4 if Approved by a Majority Vote of the Weighted Returned Ballots in UUAD 19-4; 3) Adopting a Resolution Awarding a Construction Contract to Asplundh Construction, LLC for the UUAD 19-4 Project for $3,998,090; 4) Authorizing the City Manager to Approve Additional Work, if Necessary, for up to $527,962; and 5) Approving the Plans and Specifications for the Project; or 5) Declaring Abandonment of Proceedings for UUAD 19-4 Based on the Weighted Returned Ballot Results (Public Works Director Katsouleas). a) ADOPT RESOLUTION NO. 20-0003 APPROVING THE FINAL ASSESSMENT ENGINEER'S REPORT AND CONFIRMING ASSESSMENTS OR DECLARING ABANDONMENT OF PROCEEDINGS FOR UUAD 19-4 b) ADOPT RESOLUTION NO. 20-0004 APPROVING AN AGREEMENT