Meeting Time: February 04, 2020 at 6:00pm PST
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Agenda Item

8. 20-0016 Consider Adopting a Resolution Approving an Agreement with the Downtown Manhattan Beach Business and Professional Association (DMBBPA) for the Management of a Certified Farmers Market and Utilization of City Property and Right-of-Way (Finance Director Charelian). ADOPT RESOLUTION NO. 20-0013

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    Gary Osterhout 4 months ago

    Consider: i. this is a commercial event w/ taxable income under IRS rules; ii. proposal is only breakeven to the city; iii. hasn't been bid out for better return; iv. charitable donations (if important) not stipulated in agreement; v. per inc. stmt, proceeds go 100% to fund Exec. Dir. w/o need for BID funding--should demand more charit. contribs; vi. just an entertainment venue--local source means w/in 400 mi (AZ is 238 mi); bad food-lbs./mi. ratio; competes against local businesses like GROW.