Meeting Time: March 17, 2020 at 6:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

11. 20-0083 Consider Adopting a Resolution: 1) Awarding a $254,600 Construction Contract to Best Contracting Services, Inc. for Roof Replacements at Recreation Hall and Recreation Center in Live Oak Park, and the Community Building at Marine Avenue Park; 2) Authorizing the City Manager to Execute the Agreement; 3) Authorizing the City Manager to Approve Additional Work, if Necessary, for up to $50,920; and 4) Approving the Plans and Specifications for the Project (Public Works Director Katsouleas). APPROVE RESOLUTION NO. 20-0032

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    Gary Osterhout almost 4 years ago

    Good evidence of the lack of attention to replacement buildings and developing the appropriate funding. Our "responsible" city council has not been able to generate the necessary capital expenditure funding since the City Hall was built. Are you really the council that 'gets things done' or just another council that kicks the issue down the road.