Meeting Time: April 17, 2020 at 8:00am PDT
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Agenda Item

2. City Council to consider additional measures to address COVID-19.

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    Blaine Kuiper about 3 years ago

    Let’s exercise some decorum. Frustrations are rife with the blunt use of restrictions and towards those flouting those measures. Those flouting measures are the minority. Like other cities, let’s enact a risk-based, rather than fear-based, approach. Make it easier for people to maintain distance: reopen bike paths, trails, and parks, but mandate further distance and cite crowds. Also, the communication strategy of “issue more citations to send a message” is inappropriate and counterproductive.

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    Matt Domyancic about 3 years ago

    Since “zero tolerance”For social distancing wasn’t upheld & still clear violations on the strand & ocean drive continue to get warnings other than extremely obnoxious violators - what is the city’s plan to deal with the hundreds of violations and crowds that will surely take place on Ocean Drive this weekend? If the police won’t give tickets keep them off Ocean Drive they too are a noise nuisance on their loudspeakers. Corona can spread easy on Ocean Drive & city is failing to babysit rebels.