Meeting Time: April 29, 2020 at 8:00am PDT
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    Blaine Kuiper about 2 years ago

    Evidence supporting the efficacy of mask use is weak. Mask use gives people a false sense of security and the idea that physical distancing is unnecessary. Obviously, we also need to maintain a healthy immune system with proper sleep, diet, and exercise. If people reasonably maintain distance, don’t tax our police with enforcing these draconian measures. Let’s align our policies with those of our neighbors, nay LA County, and only mandate masks where physical distancing is impossible.

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    Edward Gajdicar about 2 years ago

    CDC is clear on face covering, to be used when one cannot physically distance. LA County states the public should use face covering when in contact with people who are not household. Best defense against CO19 is to wash hands, avoid and practicing physical distancing. Face coverings are not a replacement for these evidence-based strategies;they are just anadditional tool. There is limited evidence to suggest face coverings by the public during a pandemic could help reduce disease transmission.

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    Nicole Andrews about 2 years ago

    The CC should look at data when making policy. The discussion on polliwog park and how the ranger would know if groups were from the same family sounded crazy and was overreach. The Farmers market disucssion kept going in that direction with 2 from the CC wanting to micro mange every second someone was in the area, where do they enter, how do they enter, lines, leaving, it was crazy. The farmers market is open the risk of covid 19 transmission is low. Consider reading the CDC recommendations

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    Karen Tokashiki about 2 years ago

    Please reconsider opening the bike and or walking path to ease congestion on ocean.

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    Peggy Curry about 2 years ago

    I vote to re-open Farmers Market. That would be wonderful!!! Even with restrictions :) thank you Peggy

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    Michael Keegan about 2 years ago

    Please consider pushing the payment out of Business license fee until October 30