Meeting Time: May 05, 2020 at 6:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

2. 20-0177 Public Hearing to Consider: Application for the Expansion of an Existing Restaurant with Full Alcohol Service (Manhattan Beach Post) Into an Adjacent Vacant Restaurant Space (Formerly Subway) and Expansion of Hours of Operation, at 1142 Manhattan Avenue, and Make an Environmental Determination in Accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (Simms Restaurant Group/Simms) (Community Development Director Tai). a) CONDUCT PUBLIC HEARING DE NOVO b) MAKE AN ENVIRONMENTAL DETERMINATION IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE CALIFORNIA ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY ACT (CEQA) c) CONSIDER DIRECTING STAFF TO DRAFT A RESOLUTION CONDITIONALLY APPROVING THE USE PERMIT AMENDMENT FOR COUNCIL CONSIDERATION AT A SUBSEQUENT COUNCIL MEETING

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    Jody Leventhal almost 4 years ago

    Nearby residents collaboratively improved the bar-restaurant scene when late-night alcohol began negatively impacting beach life on Manhattan Ave. MBPost is a great spot. Bear in mind that the Use Permit however will rum with the land not the business. Subway restaurant did not serve alcohol and it closed at 9 pm. Traffic and Congestion and Noise are already problematic. 1) No
    increase of hours of operation. 2) don’t serve alcohol without a full food menu 3) Close windows by 10:00. Thank you.

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    david jina almost 4 years ago

    yes let them expand.