Meeting Time: June 04, 2020 at 12:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

1. 20-0110 An Urgency Ordinance of the City of Manhattan Beach Amending Urgency Ordinance No. 20-0012-U to Modify Regulations of Residential and Commercial Evictions in Response to the Spread of Covid-19, and Declaring the Urgency Thereof (City Attorney Barrow). ADOPT ORDINANCE NO. 20-0016-U

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    Nick Day over 3 years ago

    Since COVID-19, office sublease rates have spiked significantly, indicating a decrease in demand for inventory. Office owners specifically having tough times collecting rents, largely due to limited eviction rights for landlords, creating virtually no re-course. Retail supply has remained limited & highly sought after, especially in the Downtown District. Without evicting tenants, what’s city position on office, to general retail conversion in the Commercial District (MNCD) moving forward?