Meeting Time: June 30, 2020 at 5:30pm PDT
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Agenda Item

5. Discussion of the Proposed Community Forum on Policing and Partnerships Including Format, Date and Content. DISCUSS AND PROVIDE DIRECTION

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    Joe Franklin 3 months ago

    Could the council members please enumerate and provide the details of actions by the MBPD that could be characterized as racist in the past ten years, either proven or alleged, which have prompted City Council for the formation of such a Forum? Please provide the annual number of interactions the MBPD have with members of the public. The answers should guide the practical necessity of forming such a Forum as the City has limited resources required to support the growing needs of MB residents.

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    Mike Michalski 3 months ago

    If Chief Abell wants to participate in a forum to explain what he and his dept are doing in light of the policing issues that are now part of the national discussion, I'm fine with that; I have complete faith in his judgment. But there should be no activists on the virtual dais, including leftwing ideologue Amy Howorth. The Mayor should be moderator.

    Also, I'm totally opposed to the Bruce's Beach petition. No redeeding or reparations to the Bruces. The courts are always at the Bruces' disposal.

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    Maureen Denitz 3 months ago

    Our Police Dept doesn’t need to be scrutinized by people with political agendas and outsiders sympathetic to self proclaimed Marxist BLM. I’m appalled that certain members on the council want the police dept to be scrutinized when they have done nothing wrong. Let’s be transparent city council.
    Finally I’d like to implore our city council to be proactive and not reactive. Do what Beverly Hills did and give our town a curfew for groups larger that 10

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    Vicky Purvis 3 months ago

    If this is a forum on policing it should be focused on policing and should be fact based. It is not a forum on systemic racism. The forum should be framed appropriately. It should not be forum designed by left wing progressives on CC to advance their objectives.It should be community based and balanced. Panelists should disclose their affiliations.

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    Michele Reniche 3 months ago

    I support what the chief has already called for— a raw and honest conversation. There’s not much chance Manhattan Beach will become become dangerously unpoliced as the result of one community wide discussion about systemic racism It is our responsibility to become as informed as possible and advocate for change when it is so clearly necessary. The forum should be open to the general public.

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    Nicole Andrews 3 months ago

    This is led by Hildy who is puppet of Amy, who has political aspirations. The City should not be put at risk for her aspirations. I hope the other council members she this and ensure the panel is balanced and fair and not an attack on the police.

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    Edward Gajdicar 3 months ago

    Any attempt to bring in outside activists (BLM) will make this a political forum. If there are any non police/non CC on the panel there should be balance. Everyone one the panel should disclose, employment associations and funding.

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    Judy Peng 3 months ago

    As a local resident who took CERT, EMR & CPA sponsored by the City, MBFD & MBPD, I wholeheartedly support our First Responders. For those whom want to DEFUND the PD & FD, please do a ride-along to gain some firsthand experience of the danger & stress our police/firefighters/paramedics face EVERY SINGLE DAY. If the “forum” were to materialize, participants should be MB RESIDENTS ONLY. We don’t need politically motivated politicians using this platform to advance their own agenda. Thank you!

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    Candice Witek 3 months ago

    I just wanted to express that I whole heartily support our police and fire department. I think they do a great job protecting and keep neighborhoods safe for our families. I reject any defunding of our police department and I fear that if such action is taken our loving small town feel with be destroyed. Also any opinions of those not residing in town have no merit to discuss issues with our local police force. Please do the right thing, fight to keep our force, be an example for other towns.

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    Matt Domyancic 3 months ago

    We have an amazing Police Department and having any type of discussion involving BLM or outsiders is ridiculous. Listen to the Sam Harris podcast for honest narrative about the BLM lies in this country as well real facts about policing issues. Increase the budget so the police can get more defensive tactics training, scenario training, firearms training, stress management & mindfulness training, and free confidential therapy.

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    Stephanie Monash 3 months ago

    Conspicuously absent from discussion on the matter of race relations between community members and police is the role that a civilian's behavior plays in influencing the tenor and eventual outcome of the interaction. No honest and remedial measures can be effected without an unbiased examination of this critical facet. There are two sides to this equation and thus far our media and politicians seem to have focused on only one. As such, this endeavor strikes me as more pandering and capitulation.