Meeting Time: July 09, 2020 at 6:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

Panel 1: Police Policies and Practices in Manhattan Beach and Community Partners MB Police Chief Derrick Abell County Department of Mental Health, Nicole Watson, LCSW SPA 8 CES Regional Director for Adults Breanna Jaijairam MBUSD Superintendent Dr. Michael Matthews

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    Dennis Chavez almost 3 years ago

    MB police do practice profiling. Several MB residents on Next Door have detailed how they were stopped by MB police officers because “they looked like they don’t belong here”. Officers said this to my son and his friend as they were walking one time. Is this Manhattan Beach policy or just the policy of the MB police department? Why can’t people who look different come into Manhattan Beach?

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    Ken Wilton almost 3 years ago

    This discussion is not about dismantling our police department. It is about considering whether a trained officer with a badge and gun is needed for all of the things that fall into the lap of our department. Should the police be the first call when a neighbor is unruly, or a car is parked illegally, or there is a homeless person sleeping on a bench? We should be having these discussions. Asking ridiculous rhetorical questions is neither helpful nor productive.

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    Maureen Denitz almost 3 years ago

    For the panel. Are you in favor of dismantling the current policing system in our country? Are you in favor of decriminalizing auto theft, burglary and arson? Do you believe in the prison System? Hopefully we can hear where you stand with all of this tonight. Thank you

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    John Mistler almost 3 years ago

    Does the Manhattan Beach police department have a history of exhibiting racial bias in its practices? Is there a documented track record of excessive force? If so, please provide the community with that information. We need to understand the facts.

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    Rita CrabtreeKampe almost 3 years ago

    Our officers behave in an exemplary manner. I do social outreach and have encountered many officers. They have treated everyone equally and fairly. Their job is stressful. I am in favor of providing them with confidential, social services to help them deal with adversity and stress. I also support adding more social services to address homelessness.

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    Lou Dumont almost 3 years ago

    Is there any information that would reflect that any MBPD policies, practices, or their implementation, exhibit bias or have impacted the manner in which our officers have interacted with the community? Similarly, are there any complaints or other statistical information that would disclose that MBPD has an issue relative to the excessive use of force with respect to its officers? It seems like assumptions are being made without first examining the record.

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    Alison Chavez almost 3 years ago

    Dialogue is always good. Thank you Manhattan Beach City Council for being a part of the solution, not the problem.

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    Stephanie Monash almost 3 years ago

    Who has bothered to inquire how our officers to feel about being vilified and labeled as "racist" for just doing their jobs? We've been instructed to "listen" while BLM bashes our community and our police officers, but who is listening to our cops or the many residents who appreciate them for striving to keep our families safe? This forum is a one-sided dog-and-pony show promoted by aspiring local politicians who have prioritized their own ascendancy over our safety. Remember this when you vote!

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    James Smith almost 3 years ago

    Dear Mayor,

    The vast majority of violence visited on the black community is committed by black people. There are virtually no marches for these invisible victims. No public silences, no kneeling and no public forums. The message seems clear: Black lives only matter when whites take them. No black lives have been taken in Manhattan Beach. Why are the MBPD, MBUSD and citizens of Manhattan Beach relegated to resolving a problem that doesn’t exist in our community? Respectfully,
    James Smith

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    Joe Franklin almost 3 years ago

    1st asked June 30 CC Meeting:
    Could the council members please enumerate and provide the details of actions by the MBPD that could be characterized as racist in the past ten years which have prompted City Council for the formation of such a Forum? Please provide the annual number of interactions the MBPD have with members of the public. The answers should guide the practical necessity of forming such a Forum as the City has limited resources required to support the growing needs of MB residents.

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    thomas chang almost 3 years ago

    7 children dead in one weekend in Chicago. All black. When does accountability of ones own actions and future come into play?

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    Vicky Purvis almost 3 years ago

    Provide race data for the crime statistics. It is important to know the race of those arrested for crimes.

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    Edward Gajdicar almost 3 years ago

    Where is the record of MBPD's excessive use of force and police brutality against people of color (or against anyone for that matter)?
    What sort of evidence is there that MBPD is guilty of systemic racism, does Chief Abell know about this?
    What percentage are locals vs. out-of-towners? Present time and reason of arrest, reason for stopping, whether weapons were found.
    show the demographics of arrests/stops from automatic lis plate readers