Meeting Time: July 21, 2020 at 6:00pm PDT
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    Kristen Lukas almost 4 years ago

    I support the recent face covering enforcement and current fine structure set in place. It was very necessary, given no matter how many signs were put up around the city, Nixle reminders, and more, people refused to wear them. MB cases increasing by 140% in less than a month was proof we needed additional measures in place. I have already seen a difference around town, it's working! Please don't let up, keep the enforcement in place and keep the fines as they are. Thank you.

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    Yael Feder almost 4 years ago

    Thank you for enforcing compliance with facial covering rules.

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    Peter Pham almost 4 years ago

    Can you provide details of the 4 deaths of Covid? Were they in nursing homes?10yr old, 80yr old, no underlying conditions or with 4? When did these deaths happen? Did they contract it in MB?from home/work? Let's keep people informed with data so there's context on why mandates are happening. And use science,masks indoors fine. but walking on strand/biking/ outdoors w/ zero studies globally supporting outdoor transmission.$100 fine hiring contractors vs. providing free masks should be considered.

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    Pete Halvorsen almost 4 years ago

    I support wearing masks as the CA State Laws proposed (excluding exercise/when you're alone) I disagree with MB's rewriting of these laws & discriminatory enforcement by poorly trained third party contractors. I observed them stop & ticket mainly non-residence, while warnings & free masks were given to others.They had no gloves, were physically transferring IDs with non-masked subjects, themselves violating the rules in place. Our community & MBPD deserve better representation than this.

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    MATTHEW WILLENS almost 4 years ago

    I appreciate the effort to properly enforce the mask mandate! How many citations have been assessed in MB to those choosing to ignore the mask order as of the last meeting on 7/14? I manage my family owned apartment complex here in MB. 1 of our 26 residents have decided not to wear a mask while in common areas of the property. This is despite abundant signage, warning notices & good hearted pleads.The Virus is raging as we speak! I NEED your help to maintain the health of 26 MB residents.Please!

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    Kathy Sena almost 4 years ago

    I remain in support of ticketing for not wearing a mask in MB. Without the prospect of a substantial fine, we've seen that the majority of people in MB will not wear a mask. Please stay the course, Council. Also, I walked around downtown yesterday and today. Observed that MANY people on our streets have a mask handy now (presumably for when they spot a yellow vest or an MBPD officer). But they are wearing the masks around their neck, on their chin or below their nose. Need enforcement. Thanks.

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    Todd Serota almost 4 years ago

    I support masks, but I oppose D.O.E.S. Order #13, which literally requires people to wear a mask any time they leave their residences. This is way overbroad as it includes, to pick 2 examples, when you are driving in your car and when you are at a friend's/relative's home. The Mayor said these situations aren't meant to be covered, and officers will use common sense in issuing fines, but this isn't a valid answer. The Order needs to be revised to cover ONLY what is actually intended.

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    Jamie Danis almost 4 years ago

    I support maintaining the mask requirement. If people can’t afford a $100 fine, they should buy a $2 mask (or find an organization that’s distributing masks for free—there are many of them in and around the South Bay). Additionally, research has shown that it is counterproductive to put on and remove masks while outdoors; doing so can transfer germs successfully trapped by the mask onto hands and increases risk of infection and transmission. People should accept mild discomfort to save lives.

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    Robin Kaminsky almost 4 years ago

    Please continue the mandatory mask guidelines with citations/fines $100 & up for repeated offenses when less than 6 feet from others not in your HH and or when out in an area with others. Universal mask wearing has proven effective across the world in controlling the spread of the virus and will both help protect members of the community who are vulnerable from catching the virus and enable CA and MB overall to more quickly and effectively return to school, commerce etc.

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    Jennifer Salem almost 4 years ago

    Please continue the mandatory mask guidelines with citations/fines $100 & up for repeated offenses [w/ possible modifications for being alone exercising]. If everyone wears a mask, not only do we contribute to increased safety, more of us will be able to go out and shop in our local stores and pick up take-out from local restaurants. Enforcement staffing may be low -- but signage notifying residents & visitors of the fines will increase mask usage due to fear/avoidance of fines.

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    Randy Feldman almost 4 years ago

    Please re-evaluate the MB mask policy. I fully support the use of masks and fining those who are not in compliance. MB's policy is not consistent with the data behind mask use. The CDC, State and LA County Health dept all mandate use when unable to social distance, not unilaterally when not at home. LA County: "If you are in a solitary area you do not need to wear a face covering." No exceptions for social distancing and household members serves no purpose and does not make anyone safer.

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    Kathryn Putnam almost 4 years ago

    Thank you for taking Covid19 seriously with the mask mandate. However, the age of 2 and over may need to be reconsidered. Friends/family that have children from 2-4 find it difficult to keep masks on them, esp at beach or during exercise. Fining parents for this seems excessive. Children that wear glasses (not of age to wear contacts) also have issues with fogging, which is impractical and unsafe. Please adjust this, esp since children dont be seeming to contract or spread the disease. Thank you

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    Laura Kiely almost 4 years ago

    Thank you for imposing fines for not wearing facial coverings in public. When local governments do not enforce mandates to mitigate Covid-19 infections, cases, positivity rates, and hospitalizations spike.As much as we would all like to return to normal life, we have to deal with the reality of living during a pandemic.It’s unfortunate that some residents won’t practice socially responsible behavior without risk of citations.Mask enforcement and citations are necessary for our health and economy