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    Klaude Kimura over 3 years ago

    The land known as "Bruce's Beach" is entangled with an uncomfortable past that Manhattan Beach residents must face. This town, which is undoubtedly safe and secure from the ills of the world, need to recognize how this land was taken from the rightful owners along with the support of the KKK. Dr. Alison Rose Jefferson's report on her research should be included in the discussion of the historical context of this land that is enjoyed by many, including myself. Justice for the Bruce Family.

  • 3796132150413179
    Justin Verbiest over 3 years ago

    Manhattan Beach needs to make a change after years of hateful, racist language and actions. This land belongs to the Bruce family, and now is the perfect time for Manhattan Beach to make reparations and take a stand with Black lives. This town undoubtedly has a subtext of racism. After hearing from other Black students in MB about their experiences, after failing to see any actions taken after the 2015 hate crime in the hill section, I feel that the city is LONG overdue to make change.

  • Default_avatar
    Carrington Walsh over 3 years ago

    Giving the land back to the Bruce Family is essential as Manhattan Beach reckons with their horrific history. White supremacists ran this family off their land and prevented them from ever reclaiming the land. It is highly immoral and this family deserves restitution. Do better, Manhattan Beach.

  • Default_avatar
    Kelsey Maloney over 3 years ago

    The land was unlawfully taken away from the Bruce family simply because they were Black. The city has not been accountable to the Bruce family. This story is not unique to Manhattan Beach, but we can be unique in our response today to the injustice of 100 years ago, at a time when our nation is grappling with how to respond to demands for racial justice. We can lead by returning the land to the Bruce family. I support the demands of the petition Bruce's Beach: Justice for the Bruce Family".

  • 3736051003075703
    Sarah Ahmed over 3 years ago

    It is imperative that we give the Bruce family's narrative a place in this upcoming forum. Not only is this an opportunity for our community to differentiate itself from those who shy away or deny their racists histories, it is an optimal time to educate the current residents about Manhattan Beach's part in furthering economic and emotional trauma on Black Americans. It would be a foul oversight to deny their voices in this matter.

  • Default_avatar
    Vicky Purvis over 3 years ago

    There were 20 families involved in the case, is the City going to deed all the land back? Pay everyone reparations? There is no end. the full history of BB has been discussed publically by multiple media outlets, what can the CC add? The case is settled and should not be re-opened and the land should not be given back

  • Default_avatar
    Edward Gajdicar over 3 years ago

    There was a contract and court case, the issue is closed, we cannot look back at 1920 with a 2020 lens. The museum can make an exhibit. No re-deeding the land back, no reparations.

  • Default_avatar
    thomas chang over 3 years ago

    Bringing this up again when it was already discussed in previous CC is a waste of time. Perhaps all the people who care, should form a non profit and raise money and give the money to the Bruce's. The city has at least more important topics to cover, economic recovery, opening schools and residents. No to any reparations and giving the land back

  • Default_avatar
    Nicole Andrews over 3 years ago

    The City should not re-deeding Bruce's Beach back to the Bruces nor pay any reparations. The property in question was deeded to the city under eminent domain almost 100 years ago, along with dozens of other properties belonging to people of all races. the Bruces received fair compensation. The issue was litigated and settled in court. We are a country o flaws, and the Bruces should go to court if they want to contest the land.

  • Default_avatar
    Andi Svenneby over 3 years ago

    I support the anti-racist movement. The full history of Bruce's Beach needs to be acknowledged publicly, taught through local curriculum, and updated on the plaque. Full restoration of the original property as well as retributions for loss of generational wealth due to the unjust use of eminent domain to take the Bruce's property as well as generational trauma endured by this terrorization needs to be made by the City of Manhattan Beach in taking steps towards healing our racism as a community.

  • Default_avatar
    anthony accosta over 3 years ago

    A new statue of Willa Bruce next to the revised plaque is a nice compromise. The current plaque fails to give an accurate depiction of events and fails to mention KKK involvement, the harassment that Black visitors faced while enjoying the beach, and the circumstances regarding the eminent domain seizure of the land. City leaders must acknowledge and address the history of Bruce's Beach and the role of the city in seizing and condemning the property.

  • 10222387993822742
    Mike Michalski over 3 years ago

    I am opposed to re-deeding Bruce's Beach back to the Bruces and to the payment of any reparations. My understanding is the property in question was deeded to the city under eminent domain almost 100 years ago, along with dozens of other properties belonging to people of all races. The issue was litigated and settled. If the Bruces, or any other party, think they can revive their settled claim a century later, the courts are always at their disposal.

  • 10160077995491102
    Gabby Kula over 3 years ago

    I’m in support of further discussion on Bruce’s beach. I believe reparations as in order and that we must listen to our Black community when it comes to how this is best done. I also believe this is something that should be taught in our schools as evidence that racism is visible throughout our communities and is not a “far off” topic.

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    Priya Chatwani over 3 years ago

    I’m writing in support of Councilmember Hersman’s call to open debate about Bruce’s Beach on the City Council. The City Council needs to address its use of eminent domain to enforce racial segregation in Manhattan Beach as well as the culture that led to it. Claiming we just don’t have a problem in Manhattan Beach is false. We need to listen to Black community members and the Bruce family and push for real change.

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    Jamie Danis over 3 years ago

    The city must return the land it stole from the Bruce family to its rightful owners, and provide restitution for loss of revenue and monetary damages for violation of their civil rights. The city should also replace the current plaque, which fails to address the full history of Bruce’s Beach, and issue a public apology taking responsibility for the theft of the Bruce family land and acknowledge that Manhattan Beach is not only not immune from racism, but also has actively participated in it.

  • Default_avatar
    Carole Cooper over 3 years ago

    Encorage everyone to read “Land Ownership and Occupancy by Negroes in Manhattan Beach, California,” By Robert Brigham, Master’s thesis, 1956 before forming an opinion. Available at