Meeting Time: August 18, 2020 at 6:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

14. 20-0258 Consideration of the Following Actions for the $39 Million Peck Reservoir Replacement Project: A. Awarding a Construction Agreement to Pacific Hydrotech Corporation, Inc. for the 8 Million Gallon (MG) Peck Reservoir Replacement Project for $31,104,400; Authorizing the City Manager to Approve Additional Work if Necessary, for up to $3,106,480; and Approving the Plans and Specifications for the Project; B. Awarding a Construction Management Services Agreement with Butier Engineering, Inc. for the Project for $2,555,229; C. Approving Amendment No. 6 to the Professional Design Services Agreement with Stantec Consulting, Inc. for the Project for $994,988; D. Waiver of formal bidding per Manhattan Beach Municipal Code Section 2.36.140 and Adopting a Resolution Approving an Agreement with Control Automation Design, Inc. for the Purchase an Installation of the Peck Reservoir Control Integration System for $438,903; E. Payment of up to $400,000 to Los Angeles County Sanitation District for a new discharge connection to the County's sanitary sewer system; F. Payment of up to $300,000 to Southern California Edison for the installation of a new ground level transformer, and; G. Appropriation of $2,500,000 from the Water Fund Balance to the project. (Public Works Director Katsouleas) a) ADOPT RESOLUTION NOS. 20-0100, 20-0101, 20-0102 AND 20-0103 b) APPROPRIATE FUNDS