Meeting Time: December 01, 2020 at 5:00pm PST
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    Scott Chambers about 3 years ago

    As a long time resident I support Suzanne Hadley for Mayor. I voted for her and my vote should count. . Suzanne Hadley does represent the voters in Manhattan Beach!

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    Trevor Plunkett about 3 years ago

    Have been a resident since 1990. Suzanne Hadley won with a large majority in March 2019. It's her turn to serve as Mayor. Elections have consequences, If you want to change the rules take it to the people in the next election, don't try this boloney. We have had plenty of that in 2020 already. Hopefully we can be better than that!

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    Huy Nguyen about 3 years ago

    Tradition is great and all - but tradition also allows for racism and bigotry to continue. As we grow and learn, we need to adapt and change. We are in a global pandemic and Suzanne's rhetoric is not only partisan but also VERY dangerous to the city. She makes Manhattan Beach look embarassing.

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    Alex Hedger about 3 years ago

    I strongly oppose Suzanne Hadley as the next mayor. She doesn't represent the people, the wellbeing of the community, logic, integrity, or honesty. The only people I see saying she should become the mayor are appealing to it being "traditional". We can be better than we've been. We don't need a science denier in our government. That would hurt my city, and that's something I cannot idly abide.

    Please vote to have Ms. Hadley forgo her rotational position as mayor. Thank you.

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    Laura Kiely about 3 years ago

    Councilmember Hadley, please defer becoming Mayor until after the Covid-19 Emergency resolves. You have been divisive and advocated irresponsible behavior during a pandemic. While I’m reluctant to oppose rotating Mayors, I believe that in the midst of this unique Emergency, Ms. Hadley could cause harm to our community as the official voice of CC. Mayor Montgomery is better suited to collaborate realistically and respectfully with County officials while also advocating for MB’s best interests

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    Robert Draves about 3 years ago

    We strongly support Suzanne Hadley for mayor. We are in a difficult time and tough things need to be said. Those offended by her can vote her out next time. She is duly elected.

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    Jamie Danis about 3 years ago

    Do not to appoint Suzanne Hadley as our next mayor. We’re facing unprecedented challenges amidst a global pandemic and Hadley has repeatedly proven that she does not have the necessary qualities to lead our city through this crisis. What she dismisses as “gaffes” and “unvarnished positions” in fact reflect a pattern of behavior that will continue if she's appointed mayor and will reflect abysmally on MB. We can't afford to have Hadley as our representative. We can and we must do better.

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    Deborah Parks about 3 years ago

    Ive been a MB resident since 1992 and urge you to honor your duty to our “elected” next Mayor Suzanne Hadley. It is unbelievanle that the traditions of our city are being questioned at all, simply because of a few disgruntled people choosing to voice negativity. Please follow the continued history of our city and follow through with what we as voters expect.We should be honored to have such a strong, moral, direct person who puts our residents’ best inteterst above all else, as Suzanne does.