Meeting Time: January 05, 2021 at 6:00pm PST
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    Heidi Rayden Tobias over 2 years ago

    Dear MB City Council,
    There is no data restaurants spread Covid, the least we can do is keep the Parklets open to support our local restaurants. High risk people can stay home & do not have to partake. For Beverly (below) giant big box stores are continually filled with people; perhaps that’s dangerous?! Additionally, a San Diego judge ruled on 12/16 two strip clubs can remain open (yes strip clubs not a typo)! Surely we can keep the parklets open to support our struggling restaurants.

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    Vicky Purvis over 2 years ago

    Justify your vote to close the Parklets with data. How has outdoor seating spread Covid? Address the recent restaurant study that does not support the decision to close Parklets. Taking away outdoor seating creates a more dangerous situation as it drives people inside. Why is the CC choosing to decimate the restaurant business and leave other businesses open that we know spread the virus. People are losing confidence in Government because of arbitrary decisions.

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    thomas chang over 2 years ago

    MB Covid increased from 400 to 800 cases in the last couple of weeks, the total deaths are still only 4, and this has not changed since last spring. Most importantly we are protecting the elderly.
    Our outdoor lifestyle here in MB has protected our residents from falling to the virus in numbers that you see in other cities. Covid has a survival rate of 99%, here in our Beach City it's 99.5%. Reopen the parklets

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    Maureen Denitz over 2 years ago

    Dear CC,
    Happy New Year. I support reopening the parquettes for outdoor use to eat takeout. We need fresh air and there’s is not one shred of evidence that suggests these parquettes have increased Covid cases. Businesses are dying and we most provide them with a chance to survive. Uncomfortable, stay home. Celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, spec occasions in which people would like to get out of their apt or house and sit and eat their takeout is awesome. We need to reopen!!!

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    Beverly Richards over 2 years ago

    I am against the reopening of the parklets. They encourage the very behavior we are fighting so hard against: gatherings of people not social distancing and w/o masks. People abuse them, using them as an outside bar and an opportunity to hang out with their friends and no one enforces the rules.
    So many of us have all been trying to stay safe for so many months in order to keep the COVID count down. Wonder why it's not working??