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1. 21-0037 Consider Approving the Annual Commission Work Plans for the Parking and Public Improvements Commission and Planning Commission (Community Development Director Tai). DISCUSS AND PROVIDE DIRECTION

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    Alison Chavez over 2 years ago

    Find affordable housing in Manhattan Beach. Stop rubber stamping big developer projects. Building right up to the lot’s perimeter is ugly and everyone loses privacy. A normal sized house built on a regular Manhattan Beach lot is sufficient for a family. If rich folk want their vanity mansions, let them go elsewhere. Why do we have beautiful beaches which everyone can access? The Coastal Commission. Otherwise, we’d look alike Jersey Shore. Stop over development and keep MB quaint and casual.

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    Jim Quilliam over 2 years ago

    I am opposed to any permanent outdoor dining parklets within the public right of way.

    This would be permanently destroy our downtown community and would be an outlandish abuse of power in taking over and neglecting the public right of way in our city. Converting public spaces to the benefit of businesses and commercial property owners will endanger our city and MB community.

    Jim Quilliam
    124 12th Street