Meeting Time: March 16, 2021 at 4:30pm PDT
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    Rita CrabtreeKampe about 2 years ago

    BBTF was commissioned to get an accurate history of the experiences of the families affected by eminent domain including the Bruce family and consider educational/art exhibits that would help those in and visiting our community recognize injustices of the past.We need to move forward with color blindness and create space to heal. Are there racists in Manhattan Beach? Certainly. Is Manhattan Beach racist? No. It would do an injustice to the majority of residents to imply such with an apology.

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    Karla Devine about 2 years ago

    Many have spoken eloquently about the injustices waged against the Bruce family. A response now from the city of Manhattan Beach MUST include financial restitution. Anything less would be disingenuous.