Meeting Time: April 06, 2021 at 4:30pm PDT
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    Lucas Kleiner about 2 years ago

    Put forth and adopt an apology for the city’s racially-motivated dispossession of its only founding members of color, the Bruce family. As a life-long resident of Manhattan Beach, it is outrageous that an apology has never been given, and that some city council members wish to continue to refuse to apologize for actions that the city itself coordinated and executed. APOLOGIZE NOW. Thank you!

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    Marissa Winship about 2 years ago

    Support an apology and some measure of restitution.
    I’m really disappointed with our response to the Bruce’s Beach investigation. We can and should take responsibility and do what we can to mitigate these wrongs.
    I look forward to seeing what Manhattan Beach, as a progressive city, can do to acknowledge and take responsibility for the actions that caused harm, even if we ourselves did not commit it, we certainly have reaped the benefits.

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    Lisa Benacquista about 2 years ago

    As a resident of MB I support an acknowledgement & condemn racism for our city. Its time the residents on both sides to stop being reactive & be proactive. We have an opportunity to created a future that we can impactful & provide a legacy for the Bruce's. As residents, lets create the Bruce's Beach Foundation provide scholarships to underprivileged students wanting to study hospitality or marine biology. We cannot change what happened 100 yrs. ago, but can impact lives for the next 100 yrs.

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    Karen Shapiro about 2 years ago

    What happened in the 1920's to black families in MB was the wrong thing to do; acknowledge that, and move on. Now, we have neighbors pitted against neighbors. Those who speak against an apology (for what they did not do) fear violence. The City Council has responsibility for letting this continue. Small vocal minorities use the fear of retribution to silence many who are not racist, never were racist, and have nothing to apologize about. This must be stopped before it escalates further.

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    atilio santamaria about 2 years ago

    I’m a long time resident of Manhattan Beach.
    In my view and from my experience as a POC the city owes an apology to the Bruces. When people as a city took something from someone that was not in good faith it is just to acknowledge it and apologize.
    I stand with the residents who want a more inclusive city.
    Apologizing would allow us to move forward.

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    kenneth thompson about 2 years ago

    I support Joe Franklin suggestion of submitting an acknowledgement of deeds in 1920 RE: Bruce's Beach Property.
    K. Thompson

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    Laura Kiely about 2 years ago

    I support MB CC issuing an apology, rather than an acknowledgment, for the racism that motivated eminent domain proceedings against the Bruce family.
    Thank you.