Meeting Time: April 20, 2021 at 6:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

16. 21-0127 Consider Request by Mayor Hadley and Councilmember Montgomery to Place on a Future Agenda a Resolution of No Confidence in Los Angeles County District Attorney, George Gascon (City Manager Moe). DISCUSS AND PROVIDE DIRECTION

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    thomas chang over 2 years ago

    I support a resolution of no confidence against George Gascon's policies

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    Scott Chambers over 2 years ago

    Please vote yes on a vote of no confidence! You just have to look at the spike in all levels of crime in L.A. county Or watch the various Ring Videos of the petty theft that has grown in Manhattan Beach! Recall Gascon!

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    Vicky Purvis over 2 years ago

    I support resolution against George Gascon. We need to protect Manhattan Beach

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    Janea Wilson over 2 years ago

    I urge the Council to vote NO. As an MB resident, I along with many others elected DA Gascón in November to bring about justice reform—exactly as he is doing. Our outdated policies have only fueled incarceration and have not made our communities safer. I urge the Council to support the will of the voters and allow our communities to move into the 21st century. Vote NO.

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    Janet Vailokaitis over 2 years ago

    I am in full support of the no confidence resolution regarding Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon. He is an anarchist and seeks to take down the judicial system of our county. The assistant DA's do not agree with his positions. The victims' families are left without the assistance of these attorneys who are no longer allowed to attend hearings.

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    Lee Phillips over 2 years ago

    I support resolution of no confidence in George Gascon. The Special Directives unilaterally issued by District Attorney Gascón undermine the legislative and ballot process and risk safety of the general public and are resulting in higher crime.

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    Stephanie Monash over 2 years ago

    Public safety and George Gascon's policies cannot coexist compatibly. I'm in favor of deliberative, incremental criminal justice reform but Gascon is an agent of anarchy and his usurpation of the will of the electorate regarding Prop 25 is an untenable affront to representative democracy. We clearly cannot count on Gascon to prioritize our safety but expect you to do so. Stand with us and for us by supporting a Resolution of No Confidence in George Gascon.

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    George Rudkin over 2 years ago

    Gascon was a disaster for SF, and he’ll do the same here. The concept of no bail/no consequences defies the most cursory logical analysis, and we can see that crime is already skyrocketing. Get rid of this ideologue and protect the community.

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    Michele Reniche over 2 years ago

    Mayor Hadley seems determined to lead our city in the wrong direction. George Gascon defeated Jackie Lacey because LA County voters recognized the urgent need for progressive reform. As Lacey herself said when conceding defeat, "our nation is going through a reckoning..this election is a result of our season of discontent and a demand to see a tsunami of change."

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    Pamela Davidson over 2 years ago

    Crime is escalating and the LA County DA is not only ineffective but dangerous. We need to continue to fight "tooth and nail" to protect our City!!!
    Thanks for supporting the Gascon Recall! Sincerely, Pamela Davidson

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    george reppucci over 2 years ago

    Gascon has brought his failed "easy on criminals" policy from San Francisco to LA County and we are paying the price with increased crime and many frustrated assistant DAs. Our hard working police department must be confident that when they arrest a suspect, justice will be done according to the law..

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    Mike Michalski over 2 years ago

    The law-abiding residents of Manhattan Beach are being victimized by increasing property crimes from emboldened criminals, thanks to DA George Gascon’s misguided policies that impose few if any consequences on non-violent criminal behavior. It's only a matter of time before that criminal activity turns violent. The entire City Council must support this agenda item for a resolution of no-confidence in Gascon, which is in line with other cities like Beverly Hills, Pico Rivera & Santa Clarita.

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    Chris Plank over 2 years ago

    We as citizens of Manhattan Beach need to control our city and not let it be destroyed by progressive thought. Gascon and his policies are a problem and need to be stopped. We cannot participate in his leftist plans of letting criminals off for crimes committed.