Meeting Time: October 19, 2021 at 4:30pm PDT
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    AA AA over 1 year ago

    Your mandates toward the good employees of our City is a violation of every human right we have because they know what is best for their health and their bodies and refuse to conform to your ideals. Three of you took it upon yourselves to play Doctor, Scientist, and then God because of your lack of knowledge and absolute grip of fear. The employees this City will lose no longer view it as a "privilege" to work under your rule and will only miss the citizens who stood up for them. We held our positions at the city by skill, education, training and expertise. You hold your seat by a vote and only because you're a resident of Manhattan Beach. I know the good citizens of this community will know what to do next election.

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    Fred Taylor over 1 year ago

    I highly troubled that the Council moved up the number of weeks to trigger the MANDATED VACCINE for all city employees. I just wonder how many Council members voted affirmatively at the last meeting simply because it was 9 weeks out.

    Really?? This vaccine is NOT what I took over the years. We’re going to force our great employees to take an mRNA gene therapy injection which HASN’T RECEIVED FULL FDA APPROVAL into their bodes to simply keep their job.

    Come on Council, follow the science. MB Covid patients were 50% vax’d and 50% unvax’d. So drop the mandate. It’s employee abuse, it’s unAmerican.

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    Nina Tarnay over 1 year ago

    I support the rainbow sidewalk project. It’s a beautiful and easy way for our city to declare support for the LGBTQ community. Thank you.