Meeting Time: November 02, 2021 at 6:00pm PDT
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    Fred Taylor over 2 years ago

    The HAB report that came to the Council back in July, deeply troubling. Because it accused our city of being systemically racist right up to today. If we’re going to judge any city or person today by the cultural norms of 109 years ago, we’ll all fail miserably. And that’s the tone of the HAB findings.
    It was a partisan committee from the get-go because of the Council’s political complexion at the time.
    We now know Duane Shepherd, a Bruce family spokesman had a role in formulating the history ‘on the down low.’ His personal agenda threatening to sue our city puts his input in serious question.
    The HAB committee has not addressed the primary concerns our Council expressed on July 20th. Councilman Montgomery said in that meeting, “our residents want to see fair, historical, factually accurate plaques.” Two local history professionals from LMU & USC have advocated for professionals for city histories.
    We deserve better. End the HAB and hire professional historians.

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    D Berger over 2 years ago

    I support a vote to accept the HAB proposed revised language for the Bruce’s Beach plaque. I feel the committee did a great job in building a factual accounting of the events.