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  • 10222387993822742
    Mike Michalski at January 17, 2022 at 9:48pm PST

    I fully support Suzanne Hadley bringing the profane and pornographic-adjacent content of a book being recommended by a Costa English teacher to 13 and 14 year old freshman students to the School Board's attention. I also fully expect our City Council to ignore the bleatings of faux outrage and self-righteous moral posturing from the MB Divided mob and the local chardonnay Antifa who are claiming that Suzanne is a homophobe for rightfully expressing her concern over the age appropriateness of the reading material. Her critics are merely indulging their Hadley Derangement Syndrome and trying to drum up a wedge issue that they hope to employ against her re-election in November. They will fail as their false and defamatory allegations are pathetic and without substance. You will only embarrass yourselves if you cave to their demands for some sort of censure or informal reprimand for her actions, which she has every right to engage in as a private citizen.

  • 10159333102471023
    Tiffany Wright at January 17, 2022 at 8:55pm PST

    I’d like to thank Suzanne Hadley for continuing to stand up for the students of MB. She took a risk last year in supporting opening classrooms and was the ONLY elected official in MB brave enough to sign a letter to LA County showing her support to open schools. We now know that her advocacy for our children was spot on!

    Suzanne voiced her concern last week about a pornographic book on a reading list link accessible on the MCHS library website. She was illegally interrupted by President Peel when she attempted to moderate the content of Suzanne’s speech and was not given the interrupted time back.

    A number of social media posts have wrongly portrayed Suzanne’s comments as censorship or homophobic. Keeping parents and the board informed is not censorship. Her concern were clearly the sexual references and graphic sexual pictures in the book, not the sexuality of the characters. As a proud mom of a gay son, I find this politically motivated misrepresentation offensive & hurtful.

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    Lucia aMES at January 17, 2022 at 8:03pm PST

    I am writing to apologize to Suzanne Hadley for the infamously partisan, undeserved, and unbecoming attacks and cyber bullying she had to endure on multiple social medias, - all in account on the fact that she had the courage to speak up against the unwise choice of adult books containing pornographic depictions as optional readings. Thank you, Suzanne, for being a courageous voice; thank you for informing and protecting the community and the children. We are truly blessed to have you as our representative.

  • Default_avatar
    Cameron Johnson at January 17, 2022 at 4:59pm PST

    Suzanne Hadley’s public remarks and reading from the novel Genderqueer on January 14 left me upset and ashamed to be represented by her. I agree with other community members’ outrage over her fear-mongering and outright lies about the book being available to children in MBUSD schools, but I wanted to voice my own anger at Hadley’s blatant homophobia. Suzanne chose this book specifically to generate fear about queer people and to ostracize anyone who relates to the contents of the book. By doing this and reading inappropriate contents of the book to children at the meeting, Hadley has made brazen her own homophobic sentiments and is pushing anti-queer hatred. As both a Manhattan Beach community member and LGBTQ community member, Suzanne Hadley has made me feel personally attacked, ashamed, and fearful of being openly gay in Manhattan Beach. I implore the counsel members to consider how having a homophobe proudly representing our community makes queer Manhattan Beach residents feel.

  • 10158745111482725
    Sharon Cohen at January 17, 2022 at 12:18pm PST

    Suzanne Hadley appeared at a School Board meeting where she defied the Chair and disrespected Board rules to read aloud sexual material, despite knowing that a young child was present. It was a blatant political stunt to bait the left and animate her base. It had nothing to do with the issue she argued, which was a book being available for students to check out, but only with parental consent. Under the guise of protecting young people from sexual language, Suzanne read in front of a young child. The stunt wreaks of irony and hypocrisy. She talks about government overreach. While speaking as a citizen of Manhattan Beach, there is nothing like the overreach of a City Council member bullying and defying a School Board at their own meeting. Council needs to stand up to Suzanne. She is working from an anti-gay, right-wing political handbook. She presents herself as open-minded and caring, but we keep seeing offensive behavior from her. I call on Council to have the courage to censure her.