Meeting Time: March 15, 2022 at 6:00pm PDT
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13. 22-0144 Presentation from the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office Regarding Prosecution Services (City Manager Moe). (Estimated Time: 1 Hr. 30 Min.) RECEIVE PRESENTATION

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    Heather K over 2 years ago

    DA Gascon has proven himself as someone who cares more about criminals than victims. I cannot believe we are wasting valuable city time on this. Please join in the many cities who have already voted no confidence in this guy. If anything, let him prosecute (or not, as is his MO) while we ALSO use Redondo Beach court to prosecute criminals and deter crime.

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    Karen Shonka over 2 years ago

    Dear City Council members, please support the endorsement efforts to recall DA George Gascon. Mr. Gascon was the DA of San Francisco and had the opportunity to utilize his "science" and "Reform" there. San Francisco is now filled with crimes, forcing stores and businesses to close their doors. There are people walking naked in the streets and relieving themselves in public. Our beach communities cannot withstand this. We need our City Prosecutors to enforce the laws and be prosecutors. Mr. Gascon has never tried a case or practiced law. He has no business controlling the laws of the state. He is breaking laws and turning his nose up to the community and victims of crime. He needs to go!

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    Linda Cunningham over 2 years ago

    I strongly support the City Council to Vote NO CONFIDENCE IN DISTRICT ATTORNEY GEORGE GASCON. Mr. Gascon is disregarding victims of crimes, even here in Manhattan Beach. How many cases presented by Manhattan Beach Police Department since Gascon's election has he declined to prosecute on the behalf of the citizens of Manhattan Beach who have been victimized, robbed, vehicles stolen and Mr. Gascon does not give any victims justice. Give us numbers and data to how many arrests the police department has made, and charges he has declined while wasting the cities precious resources. His policies are a farce. He is destroying Los Angeles County. Stand UP for the Citizens of the City and protect us, give us justice.

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    Eirinn Dimiriou over 2 years ago

    Please support the recall with a vote of no confidence. Gascon's reckless, pro-criminal policies are endangering the public, including officers throughout the county. Just last week, the cities of South Gate and Lakewood denounced his tenure.
    He has also done (or failed to do) the following:• Refusal to prosecute numerous crimes, including misdemeanors like resisting arrest. • rejected the voters' will when it comes to imposing cash bail • seeking lenient sentences that do not fit the crimes including a rejection of all special enhancements • pushing to release all defendants who have served 15 years in state prison, regardless of how serious the crime • dismissed the concerns and welfare of victims/witnesses, insulting them in public hearings while leaving deputy DAs out of parole hearings. Prosecutors in his office have publicly denounced him with 98% of the acting prosecutors in the LA County DA's office issuing a clear and convincing demand that he be removed from office.

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    AudreyA RittermaEstes over 2 years ago

    This is not a social experiment. MB citizens are not living being in a test tube. City Counsel members, have you visited San Franisco or how about Santa Monica lately. You will see how DA Gascon's policies have impacted business, tourist or local residents. DA Gascon doesn't seem to care about collateral damage left in his wake. MB needs our own prosecutor not control by the LA County DA's office.

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    Heidi Rayden Tobias over 2 years ago

    In the month of December 2021 within walking distance from our home;

    A 7pm armed robbery at the Arco on MB blvd

    Multiple home invasion robberies including one where the criminal barricaded himself inside a brand new home sending owners & children fleeing & a 3hr standoff w/MBPD & LAPD….. causing $120k of damage to their new home.

    Criminal's fleeing MBPD crashed a stolen car into a home off Valley.

    Local shopkeepers deal w/ relentless theft from Vons to retail stores economically bleeding from non stop theft

    Non stop sirens heard & helicopters overhead the new norm.

    Criminals ticketed & released recommitting crime in our town same day …funny, I don’t recall this criminal activity under Lacey. All thanks to Gascons special directives & criminal justice reform …didn’t work in SF and doesn’t work in LA County.

    Council please support the Gascon recall effort & please find a way around Gascons office to hire Redondo’s prosecutor .

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    LtCol Harding over 2 years ago

    The #1 responsibility of our Mayor and Council is to protect our citizens, and you cannot fulfill that responsibility under the current DA. Support the Gascon recall; this can't wait for another election.
    - It would be telling IF any of our city council members endorse the DA.

    I IMPLORE the city council to endorse the campaign to recall Gascon.

    NO crime against our residents is too small to not convict. Gascon sets the bar high on which crimes should be overlooked.
    Gascon has made his choice, which will our city council members choose?


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    Tiffany Barbara over 2 years ago

    I am writing to ask that the City Council to endorse the campaign to recall Gascon and adopt a city prosecutor. I agree that we should:

    1) move the prosecution of misdemeanors to a city prosecutor (that being a Manhattan Beach city prosecutor or the Redondo Beach city prosecutor).
    2) endorse of our campaign to recall Gascon.

    Our family has been victimized by crime within the last year. An ebike was stolen out of our garage in MB. Because the theft was considered less than $950, it was just a misdemeanor under prop 47 (which Gascon helped to draft!) and the criminal who stole the bike has not been punished. His experiment didn’t work in SF, and we have seen that it doesn’t work in LA. We are MUCH less safe now than ever.

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    Gary Osterhout over 2 years ago

    I believe Gascon should be allowed to develop--and appropriately adjust--the programs and policies he ran on. From my understanding such programs and policies require a level of evolution and developing interaction with other programs. Many are programs also espoused by his competition last election, just differing in timing and methods of implementation. You as leaders should certainly be empathetic. He can be voted out later if needed. I do not see any developments of sufficient urgency or materiality that would require immediate action on our part. I do sense a large element of culture wars and grandstanding in the opposition.

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    Maureen Denitz over 2 years ago

    I hope council will denounce Gascon and his policies. He needs to be recalled. It will be enlightening to see who on council
    supports Gascons policies

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    Betty Freitag over 2 years ago

    We are actively participating in the RECALL GEORGE GASCON effort, and here is why:
    1. An overwhelming majority of the members of the The Association of Deputy District Attorneys for LA County voted to recall George Gascon.
    2. He treats repeat violent offenders as first-time offenders.
    3. He prohibits sentencing enhancements such as for great bodily injury, gang involvement, narcotics trafficking, gun use and if the offender is on probation or out on parole.
    4. He no longer allows sentences of with without the possibility of parole.
    We believe George Gascon favors the criminals NOT the victums and he has to GO!
    Please vote to endorse his recall and to engage our own DA.
    Thank you!

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    Kathy Cady over 2 years ago

    George Gascon’s policies are devastating crime victims and endanger the community. I have provided pro bono representation to over 100 murder victims’ families in response to his policies. His policies do not allow for appropriate gang, weapon and gun allegations to be filed. Gascon’s policies regarding misdemeanor crimes is affecting quality of life crimes – he will not prosecute most misdemeanors including trespass, disturbing the peace, driving without a license, driving on a suspended license, criminal threats, being under the influence of drugs and loitering for prostitution. Not prosecuting these crimes results in criminals being empowered and being arrested multiple times, sometimes the same day. His policies do not allow violent 16 and 17 year old gang murderers to be prosecuted in adult court. His policies have resulted in a crime spike in Los Angeles County, specifically in violent crimes. I urge you to vote no confidence and support the Recall of DA George Gascon.

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    Bill Harding over 2 years ago

    DA Gascon must be recalled. His refusal to prosecute is leading to unprecedented increases in crime in our town and surrounding towns. His pro-criminal policies have incentivized and emboldened criminals, and the dire results of his tenure negatively impact all Manhattan Beach residents. The number one responsibility of our Mayor and Council is to protect our citizens, and you cannot fulfill that responsibility under the current DA. Support the Gascon recall; this can't wait for another election.

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    Elizabeth Heatherton over 2 years ago

    It is URGENT for ALL COUNCIL MEMBERS to support law abiding residents and go on record in support of the massive recall effort against DA Gascon. I have personally attended meetings in support of crime victims families and Gascon is PRO-CRIMINAL, not in support of the victims. Under Gascon, we in MB can expect to see crimes continue to rise as criminals know they have carte' blanche without a slap on the wrist while victims basically have no rights. Ask any tax-paying resident of San Fran-sicko, they will let you know exactly what Gascon did to their once beautiful city. If Gascon remains in office, we may reach the point of no return. We must take this very seriously and act in the best interest of our city residents and businesses: OPPOSE GASCON and SUPPORT GASCON RECALL!

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    Mike Michalski over 2 years ago

    In the ultimate petulance that one might have expected from a rabid ideologue like LA District Attorney and pro-crime advocate George Gascon, he has chosen to deny Manhattan Beach's ability to prosecute criminal misdemeanants through the Redondo Beach prosecutor's office, thereby foreclosing our ability to take part in Redondo Beach's homeless diversion program a/k/a homeless court. I urge Council to show Gascon that you OPPOSE his intellectually and morally bankrupt pro-crime policies by endorsing his recall by a 5-0 vote. Anyone on Council who supports Gascon and refuses to support his recall will be taking sides against the sensible, law-abiding residents of Manhattan Beach, thereby calling into question his/her fitness for office.

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    Scott Chambers over 2 years ago

    Under Gascon crime is up. Ask any of our local police officers. All you have to do is look at San Francisco. and the woderful job he did there. There is a reason so many citys did the vote of no confidence. Since he is unwilling to punish criminals. We need to get someone who will.

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    lauren harger over 2 years ago

    Once again, George Gascon is proving to Manhattan Beach residents how wrong he is for Los Angeles County. Since his election he has done nothing but make it easier for criminals to re-offend with impunity, and he has turned his back on law abiding citizens who have to suffer at their hands. Retaining local control of prosecutions is the LEAST a city should be allowed to do, especially when faced with a District Attorney who refuses to prosecute misdemeanors. Allowing small crimes to go unpunished emboldens wrong doers and leads to worse crime. Our local police department is doing a great job, but they are being thwarted by policies that effectively tolerate quality of life crimes in our community. We have had enough of Gascon the Tyrant, Coddler of Criminals. We applaud the four council members who approved a vote of no confidence against him. It is time for ALL COUNCIL MEMBERS to support law abiding residents and go on record in support of the massive recall effort against him.