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    stephen Packwood about 2 years ago

    I've reviewed the presentation for May 10 meeting-
    my comments:
    It appears to me there is a lot of upgrading of existing positions occurring.
    HR $8500
    Parks and Rec $11,600 and $12,000 for two positions. In addition, there are new part time positions being added and not showing in the new full time category. In HR .. an $81,000 for a senior HR business partner ?
    At the same time, the Older Adults program decrease of approximately $95,000 in staff assistance to the OA population. I see no increases in either Fire or Police where we have seen increases in certain crimes in our City. I don't understand the rationale of increasing and changing categories when our Public Safety has not increased at all.
    PS-I have requested from City Council, a budget of the expenses the city is responsible for as outlined in the MOU/Measure A. I was given what the city was being paid but not the cost of what the City was going to spend on fulfilling these requirements.Still waiting!