Meeting Time: June 21, 2022 at 6:00pm PDT
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    Elizabeth Heatherton 9 months ago

    SUPPORT STRONG MBPD!! Regarding the continued support of our fabulous MBPD and the safety of all residents and visitors, please take very seriously the spike in crime within city limits. Most recently a machete incident at Target(in daylight, around children) and last night the stabbing at CVS in Manhattan Village. These are not isolated incidents but more a part of the growth in crime all funneling back to the current LA DA, George Gascon. With Gascon in charge we will continue to experience crimes as mentioned and worse; we had the chance to divorce ourselves from his rein but decided against this. Now more than ever, we need the incoming MB policy Chief to step up to plate and enforce the in-place laws that are meant to protect the innocent and not favor the criminals. If you truly love and value our city and her residences, please take the current and increasing crime wave very seriously. Elect a strong police chief that is not soft of criminals. NO CATCH AND RELEASE!

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    Char Harding 9 months ago

    Please make the safety of our residents and fighting crime a priority. help our police force, educate residents, and implement safeguards.
    We must understand our unique community and the threats that are here and now.
    You, city council set the tone.
    Public safety needs to be woven into message and be the predominant message.
    ⁃ Support MBPD: this cannot just be a slogan, Our MBPD tirelessly capture and recapture the same violent criminals. Show them you back them with MBPD yard signs and backing the Gascon Recall. Show them you care with a campaign to involve citizens and self awareness.
    ⁃ Educate residents: get everyone involved in Neighborhood Watch, we have great training and processes in place. Let’s use them! Too many citizens are too careless with safety and security regimens.
    ⁃ Implement safeguards: how can we implement ways to make it harder to commit crime in our town?
    You must focus your energies towards keeping our residents safe. Let’s roll!