Meeting Time: July 05, 2022 at 6:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

9. 22-0283 Consideration of a Working Group for Participation in the Long-Term Outdoor Dining and Business Uses on Public and Private Property Work Plan Effort (Community Development Director Tai). (Estimated Time: 1 Hr.) DISCUSS AND PROVIDE DIRECTION

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    Neil Leventhal about 1 month ago

    Please ensure that any working group includes substantial representation for downtown residents. In that context, a single representative, with multiple commercial and restaurant voices, is simply inadequate, and, while residents adjacent to the north end may have some similar concerns, there are also profound differences. The volume and weight of commercial input is inherently disproportionate, with enormous financial resources, incentives and professional advocates. One of the roles of council, as elected representatives of residents, is to advocate on our behalf. Please balance the scales before the impact on the character of our downtown is reversible.

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    Jim Burton about 1 month ago

    After two years of broken promises to the residents of downtown, I hope that any long-term working group will have meaningful representation of residential concerns related to already REALIZED significant impacts associated with the intensification of restaurant use in downtown. A single residential rep from DT and one for the North End is not nearly to enough. The balance of residential and commercial use and issues facing both districts of our community have few similarities and should be addressed independently by multiple perspectives of the each residential community.