Meeting Time: October 08, 2013 at 6:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

1. 13-0444 Consideration of Certification of a Final Environmental Impact Report and Approval of a Master Use Permit Amendment, Height Variance and Master Sign Program/Exception for the Manhattan Village Shopping Center Enhancement Project at 2600 through 3600 Sepulveda Boulevard and 1220 Rosecrans Avenue (Director of Community Development Thompson). ADOPT RESOLUTION NO. 14-0025 CERTIFYING THE FINAL EIR AND RESOLUTION NO. 14-0026 APPROVING THE PROJECT WITH CONDITIONS CONSISTENT WITH THE CITY COUNCIL MOTION ON JANUARY 14, 2014 A- STAFF PRESENTATION - 10 minutes B- PROPERTY OWNER PRESENTATIONS - 10 Minutes Each C- PUBLIC COMMENTS - 1 Minute Each D- CITY COUNCIL QUESTIONS E- CLOSE PUBLIC HEARING F- CITY COUNCIL DELIBERATIONS