Meeting Time: May 05, 2020 at 6:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

3. Consideration of Parks Re-Opening Plan. DISCUSS AND PROVIDE DIRECTION

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    Anne Wharton about 4 years ago

    Please reopen tennis courts. Tennis provides a unique opportunity through a net and fencing to naturally maintain safe distancing, requiring players to mark balls, not use hands to pick up ball or glove one hand will add additional measures. Many courts are Open in Ojai, La Quinta and the OC. Governor Newsom also supported the activity of tennis in his 4/30 press conference. This would also allow our community to spread out further for activity! Thank you for your consideration!!!

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    Yael Feder about 4 years ago

    Please wait until the Stay at Home order expires before taking action that risks public health. Opening parks before then contradicts the intent of staying home to slow the spread of disease.
    LA’s mayor will not relax the SAH order until there is a 2 week decline in COVID hospitalizations.
    Please follow the example of LA’s leadership and let science and data, not the complaints of a few disgruntled residents, guide your decisions. Thank you.

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    William Elkman about 4 years ago

    1. What Park safe distancing enforcement provisions will be used? Will Park Rangers and Police be regularly present, to give guidance and warnings?
    2. Regarding Beach openings, same questions; how will the City and County enforce safe Distancing on the Strand, the beach and parking lots, particularly at the Marine life guard lot, and El Porto? This is in the context of the problems occurring in both Huntington and Newport beach
    Bill Elkman, Laurel ave.

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    Laura Kiely about 4 years ago

    Please Base decisions about Covid-19 and public safety on the advice of infectious disease experts. They believe opening public gathering places too soon will spike Covid-19 infections. Health experts advise waiting for the curve to decline 14 days before reopening public gathering areas. The curve is stable, but has not declined. Let’s not prolong this ordeal by going backward. Do not open parks for socializing and playground use. Respect the State order against public socializing. Thank you.

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    Brian Thomas about 4 years ago

    I support opening up more parks in Manhattan Beach, but not the Strand. We should open parks that have large open space and allow for social distancing. The Strand fails this test. Also, because the Strand is well known, it will draw in even more people from outside of Manhattan Beach. LA County is still the epicenter of COVID-19 in California, we do not want to be encouraging more people to travel here. Lastly, we should not consider opening the Strand until the beaches are open.

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    Deidra Tran about 4 years ago

    I strongly support re-opening of parks, public places and the beach. As a mother of 4 young children, they need and deserve a place to be children. Let me, as their mother determine whether we need face coverings and where we should go. Face coverings are a matter of policy not health and necessity. Also your pool policy notes only 4 people per family area allowed. Which children am I supposed to leave home in that case? Remember your own motto: Parks Make Life Better!

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    Peter Pham about 4 years ago

    The science of contracting Covid is thru droplets from sneezing/coughing or prolonged close contact (living with someone, or medical environment). Neither of these things happen walking on the strand, being in the park walking/jogging by others. There has been zero cases globally from being outside & walking by someone. 94% of hospitalized patients in new york had an underlying condition, 88 % had 2 or more with a median age of 64. lets' let the healthy get some room to move around.

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    Lee Breisacher about 4 years ago

    Opening the parks seems ok, for people that are walking and keeping their distance. I don't think that should include the play areas and dog runs. I also strongly feel we should listen to the public health experts about the proper criteria for opening things. We should NOT be opening things up just because we feel it has been "long enough", or "it is time". That is BS. Public health officials have specified some clear criteria, and we should stick with stay-at-home for as long as it takes.

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    Blaine Kuiper about 4 years ago

    I strong support opening the Strand and parks. Hermosa’s parks have long been open and the overwhelming majority are being responsible adults without the need of masks. I would hope that MB residents are similarly mature. The Strand may as well be open: I was at 15th Street at 7pm on Monday and, in less than 10 minutes, I noticed about 50 people walking the Strand. All were maintaining distance.

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    Mike Michalski about 4 years ago

    As a general proposition, I am in favor of opening the parks and Strand with required social distancing and with face masks strongly encouraged but not required (so as to take some of the pressure off City staff). It may be too soon to reopen the sports venues (basketball courts, soccer fields, etc) - I would look to the County and State for guidance on that. Lastly, please advocate for opening the beach in conjunction with all County beaches.

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    Morgan Sank about 4 years ago

    Follow the great example that San Diego has done by opening the beach to activities including surf, swim, running, and walking. Social distancing enforced and relief to Ocean Drive. San Diego is operating smoothly with this in effect and is best for everyone.

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    Nicole Andrews about 4 years ago

    COVID-19 spreads mainly among people who are in close contact (within about 6 feet) for a prolonged period, let me reiterate prolonged periods of time not by passing on the sidewalk. The cloth face cover is not a substitute for social distancing. those are increased risk should take additional precautions, the general public should be able to use public spaces.

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    Andrew McCarthy about 4 years ago

    I strongly urge Manhattan Beach to re-open the parks for physical activity only. I support the rights of local/residents to use Marine Park for physical activity only. Whether face masks or social distancing be required to use the park, I believe it is the best interest of all to re-open the parks.

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    Ron Hayes about 4 years ago

    We want our City Council to be guided by the science and the medical experts. Not by politics. We want our schools OPEN after summer break. Whatever the best path is to ensure this is critical. The virtual lessons being provided by MCHS for our sophomore are almost pointless. This had been a significant failing. If opening the parks increases the risk of being able to open schools in the fall, then keep them closed until the science and the medical experts say how it's safe to do so.

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    Robert Draves about 4 years ago

    We strongly urge the council to reopen the parks without a face mask requirement, but with distancing requirements. It is time to begin to reverse restrictions in this regard and in many others as well.

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    W Griffin about 4 years ago

    I strongly support opening the parks with suggestions for facial masks and social distancing. Please open the stairs into live oak park and from 19th/18th to veterans parkway. Having the bike path and the strand open would be helpful and the beaches. I actually think it will make us safer as the current areas are over populated even with people doing their best to social distance.

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    Kathy Beckwith about 4 years ago

    I also strongly support the opening of ALL parks. Make SUGGESTIONS for social distancing and masks. The current closures are excessive.
    The closure of pedestrian access at 18th/19th through Live Oak Park, and at Bell is unreasonable. The recent addition of patrolling on the Greenbelt where people are walking is also unnecessary, dangerous, and spreading fear.
    Depression is a real issue in this community and we need more places to heal.

    Please also stand up against the beach closure.

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    Marilyn Norrie about 4 years ago

    I strongly support opening the parks. One suggestion is to install automated hand sanitizer dispensers near play structures or, for play structures/equipment that are fenced off, simply close those off. Also you suggest (but not force) social distancing and wearing of facefasks.