Meeting Time: March 16, 2021 at 6:00pm PDT
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12. 21-0092 Consideration of Recommendations from Bruce's Beach Task Force (City Manager Moe). DISCUSS AND PROVIDE DIRECTION

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    Heather Kent over 3 years ago

    Please disband the Bruce's Beach task force. It has served its purpose and must be disbanded before it does harm. We do not need to issue an apology, as we absolutely are not a racist city. This task force and all it wants to do moving forward is a betrayal of residents here. There were black and quite families on that land, and all of them were paid for their lots. Please stip this decimation of our sweet town and disband this task force.

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    Elizabeth Heatherton over 3 years ago

    Dear Mayor and Council Members, please disband the BBTF immediately as they have failed to complete or even start the tasks they asked to do and instead creating division with false allegations of racism where there is none. NO DEIC! NO APOLOGY! The BBTF has been a sham.

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    Chanel Beattie over 3 years ago

    I 100% support the BBTF’s recommendations. I appreciate all the dedication, time, and careful research the members have put into these recommendations and hope that the BBTF will be allowed to continue its positive work for the city of Manhattan Beach in the years to come.

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    Emma BroussardWilson over 3 years ago

    I am in full support of the recommendations provided by the BBTF. The proposed apology is an important step for MB & supporting the apology in no way equates to labeling all residents as racist. While I loved calling MB home for 25 years, I can confidently say that in my experience as a Black person growing up in this city, it was far from inclusive. Taking accountability for past wrongdoings requires strength, humility, and courage. All of which are qualities I believe the MB community values.

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    Lucia aMES over 3 years ago

    The Task Force should be thanked and the city council should resume its leadership on this matter. Appendix 2 (apology) and 5 are unnecessary and motivated only by intimidation and fear of being labelled "racist". We are not accountable for sins we did not commit and whose benefits we did not reap. Napolitano is incorrect: there is no legal or moral "agency." In honor of the Bruce, the county could pledge equitable access to its beaches without your appeasement of a mob's false narrative.

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    Elizabeth Keller over 3 years ago

    The Bruce family deserves justice and reparations for all that has been taken from them. Racism has been a deeply rooted part of Manhattan Beach's past, but that doesn't mean it has to be a part of our future. Let's give the Bruce family back what they've lost and move forward into a brighter future together.

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    lauren harger over 3 years ago

    I am a 34 year resident of MB and I strongly oppose the recommendations proposed by the BB task force, specifically the items in Appendix 5. To create a permanent oversight commission to oversee all decisions made by the city, based upon race is by definition racist! Moreover, an UNELECTED body with this much power with zero accountability is a mistake. It will do nothing to stop individual acts of racism and will only serve to divide us. We are not a systemically racist town!

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    Lisa Lewis over 3 years ago

    The TF must be explicitly disbanded by the CC tonight 3/16/2021. The CC must only accept the art piece, history and accurate history. Every other component must be rejected

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    Clarence Wooten over 3 years ago

    I am a black man who is a new resident of MB. I've been following the Bruce's beach story and task force discussions throughout. Everyone in MB knows that this is a very special community. Had it not been for the racist acts perpetrated nearly 100 years ago, MB could have a thriving, affluent black community today. Our city can't change its past, but (at a minimum) it must apologize for it. It would be extremely disappointing if the recommendations of the task force were not fully adopted.

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    Lou Moor over 3 years ago

    The Task Force must be ended tonight. If a plaque or artwork has not been completed then an art committee should be formed to finish. We should never apologize for the sins of a few a century ago. Our town is NOT racist. Just because a few accuse us of such a thing doesn't make it true. No DEIC! No Apology!

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    Nicole Andrews over 3 years ago

    The Task Force must be ended tonight. If a plaque or artwork has not been completed then an art committee should be formed to finish. We should never apologize for the sins of a few a century ago. Our town is NOT racist. Just because a few accuse us of such a thing doesn't make it true. No DEIC! No Apology!

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    Laurie Reiter over 3 years ago

    I want my kids to live in a community that models an important - and sometimes difficult and uncomfortable - lesson we teach in our home: Own your mistakes and apologize, without making excuses. I’m glad the task force is accountable for the past AND encouraging local efforts. MBUSD students already pledge to "Stand Up against hate, prejudice, violence and bullying and stand up for respect and inclusion." Let's follow the school board's lead and make it clear racism will not be tolerated in MB.

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    AudreyA RittermaEstes over 3 years ago

    There are too many unknown open ended variables associated with this Apology. Like proposition 19, I truly thought I was helping people but it turns out to be a huge cost to my dependents. Small social benefit to potentially longterm large private cost.

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    Piper Redman over 3 years ago

    I support the recommendations put forth by the BBTF, and am grateful for the labor they've done for the community. Acknowledging our city's past and releasing a formal apology is crucial in taking steps towards being an inclusive and anti-racist community. Our city should take this opportunity to learn from the past to create a community that is safe and welcoming for everyone.

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    Ryan Green over 3 years ago

    The only thing I disagree with is building affordable housing. Affordable housing has little to do with the whole Bruce story and would likely to create more disagreements in our community. Please remove affordable housing from the recommendation.

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    Kim Muller over 3 years ago

    I am writing to express my gratitude to the BBTF for their hard work in bringing meaningful ideas to the table. This is a huge opportunity to educate our community about the real history of Bruce’s Beach. Inciting fear, with a two - page ad, and the continued denial of facts by so many in our community, serves none of us and makes our city look foolish. Great schools make MB a great place to raise your kids. There are many adults who would benefit from “tutoring” about our local history. Read!

    Jen Dohner over 3 years ago

    The Outrage Caucus of Manhattan Beach brings more heat than light to an important and nuanced conversation.

    A direct line can be drawn between attitudes behind the Bruce Family Story from 100 years ago and what happened to two surfers trying to enjoy our local surf break just last month.

    Just because there's racism in our past does not mean it must be part of our future. Denying it ever existed, though, only perpetuates it.

    Heed the Task Force Report.

    A 20 year Voter and Resident of MB.

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    Secily Anderson over 3 years ago

    I fully support the BB task force and consider ending it an affront to racial justice. A public apology is the minimum and should be made post haste. The two page ad in The Beach Reporter is the view of a very loud minority. Most residents want to see restitution. The more the vocal minority claims they aren't racist the more they show they are. Please do the right thing and continue the task force.

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    MaryEllen Udovich over 3 years ago

    The TF’s agreed on time is over and the TF should now end. All additional proposals outside of its original 3 tasks should be rejected, including building low-income housing and forming a DEIC. None of the 3 apology versions should be signed. It’s time for co-chairs Steve and Hildy to show some leadership and get the TF back on track- thank the TF for their service and consider the BBTF done.

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    Jamee Curran over 3 years ago

    I was raised in Manhattan Beach, and fully support the BBTF, and think the creation of the task force has been long overdue. I am in complete support of their recommendations and thank them immensely for their hard work and dedication to justice and anti-racism. The white community doesn’t get to decide what is racist and what is not. We need to LISTEN to the BIPOC community and acknowledge we have a lot of work to do. These recommendations are just the beginning of what should be continued work