Meeting Time: December 01, 2020 at 6:00pm PST
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11. 20-0291 City Council Reorganization: a) History and Discussion of Mayoral Rotation b) Selection of Mayor c) Selection of Mayor Pro Tem d) Recognition of Outgoing Mayor Montgomery APPROVE

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    Heather K almost 3 years ago

    I strongly support Suzanne Hadley taking over as Mayor of our city starting TONIGHT! The embarrassing ones are the crap-starters making an issue where there is none. They must be bored.

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    Alissa Marquis almost 3 years ago

    I ask that Suzanne Hadley’s mayoral term be postponed for 6 months in the interest of leadership consistency in a time of crisis. In this time I hope that her choice to undercut our schools will be reviewed, as well as her social media activity. She is on the Schools Subcommittee but chose to discuss her views on school opening via social media, showing that she is unaware or unwilling to use the authority she is given. She has not shown willingness to serve those who disagree with her.

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    Michael Monaghan almost 3 years ago

    As council member, Mayor pro tem Hadley has demonstrated strong leadership skills, a deep grasp of complex issues, and consistently delivered the best solutions. Without further ado, and according to longstanding tradition, we look forward to Mayor Hadley's leadership.

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    Alex Yoffe almost 3 years ago

    The Mayor's responsibility should be to represent the city and its citizens. Suzanne Hadley has made it clear that she cannot refrain from pushing her own opinions, which are simply not representative of the city, county, or state policies as they relate to very important issues. The mayoral rotation is not a law or a rule, it is a tradition. In this case the city's reputation versus the tradition of everyone having a turn is clear.

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    Alison Chavez almost 3 years ago

    This is my petition with 293 signatures to skip Suzanne Hadley as mayor.
    This is Emily Eisen’s petition with 836 signatures for Suzanne Hadley to resign.

    Susanne Hadley is dividing this town.

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    Eliot Droutman almost 3 years ago

    I truly support Suzanne Hadley as a mayor

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    Bryce Tournat almost 3 years ago

    I support the transition to Hadley as mayor. I oppose any council member who obstructs the democratic process.

    Also - in the comments below, some supporters of Hadley and the process checked support while some checked oppose as it is unclear which one to check to support the rightful transition. Thank you

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    Michelle Plunkett almost 3 years ago

    I am a 25+ year Manhattan Beach resident. Suzanne Hadley decisively won her seat in March 2019. I am so disappointed at the ugly partisan politics now being employed to try to prevent her from assuming her 9 month term as Mayor. I suggest that we reject the attempt to stamp out all diversity of thoughts and opinion put forth by her opponents. I support Ms. Hadley's upcoming mayoral term and our city's long tradition of mayoral rotation.

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    Stephanie Monash almost 3 years ago

    I did not vote for Suzanne Hadley but respect the will of the electorate who sent her to council as the first-place finisher by a wide margin in 2019. Hildy Stern and Nancy Hersman disgrace themselves and their office with this nakedly partisan attack on a colleague and blatant attempt to undermine the results of a free and fair election. As a matter of respect for our democratic process and long-established protocols of our community, I will stand with Suzanne against such crass abuse of power

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    Lynn Werner almost 3 years ago

    I oppose Suzanne Hadley's appointment as our next mayor. She has made egregious comments while representing our city. This harms it's residents and is time to make a change. Our city is raw from this pandemic. Raw from the loss of lives in our nation. And raw from the lack of empathy. I urge you to think about what is best for our city.

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    stephen Packwood almost 3 years ago

    We support Mayor Pro Tem Suzanne Hadley's election into the Mayor position as of December 1, 2020 as scheduled. We would encourage you to pay attention to the position of the current residents of Manhattan Beach as these are the people who vote for City Council positions and respresent the Manhattan Beach Community. This has been a tradition for 50 years and we see no reason to change it.

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    Jeff Davis almost 3 years ago

    Ashamed my city of 32 yrs has 2 current sitting councilmembers,elected to serve MB,bowing to pressures of intolerants demanding changes in the rotating basis of our mayoral seat. MB should hold its head-high,as state/fed politicians,media,fail to lead/present honestly!Do not remove Suzanne fm her rightful place in the Mayoral seat-order.I voted for her for this reason, as did every vote cast in her favor.Don't set this precedent,it will rear its ugly head later.Placing on agenda is embarrassing.

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    Bobby Snyder almost 3 years ago

    The rotation basis for selecting the Mayor should continue and not be changed. The rotation basis produces effective leadership and solid performance. The rotation method of selecting the Mayor produces the formulation of new ideas and up to date goals and objectives.

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    Jane Tournat almost 3 years ago

    I support Suzanne and every council member to rotate in as mayor. If any council member obstructs this rotation, they are destroying the democratic process in MB- a dangerous precedent to set. Every rotation in the future will be protested by some group of residents. This should not even be on the agenda - the choice was already made when the residents voted her in during the last election. Council should abide by the tradition of voting in members, otherwise council has undermined itself.

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    Margie Luong almost 3 years ago

    Hadley incessantly works against public health measures-voting against enforcing outdoor mask mandate & moved to apply to only parts of the city. As the state slowly opens,she makes calls to “open up everything”,lacking the patience and restraint needed. As covid cases increase,has she changed her position in opening schools?Unwilling to adapt to data showing a growing covid crisis,she should not lead our city. Unprecedented covid times calls for us to skip tradition.Delay Hadley’s mayorship

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    Terri Warren almost 3 years ago

    I support of Suzanne Hadley as our next mayor since I believe she is capable and committed to our City. But more importantly, I support our 50-year tradition of mayoral rotation continues because it helps keep out politics and personal differences. I am asking that the will of the people who elected Suzanne Hadley be honored and respected. Let’s not open a Pandora box and set a precedent which could be easily used against other city council members up for rotation to mayor.

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    Phoebe Lyons almost 3 years ago

    As a life-long resident of Manhattan Beach, I oppose Suzanne Hadley's appointment as our next mayor. She has proven that she does not possess the leadership qualities our City needs during a time of crisis. She has made inappropriate and insensitive comments regarding school reopening and COVID-19 deaths. She has sowed division and undermined the united front of our City government in a time when unity and clear messaging is essential. I urge you to think critically about what our city needs

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    Katherine Elias almost 3 years ago

    I oppose the confirmation of Suzanne Hadley as mayor. I am deeply disappointed by Hadley's response & handling of many issues, including her response to COVID-19, the reopening of MBUSD schools, and systemic racism in Manhattan Beach. In both her public words & actions, & in email correspondence with her, she has shown to me that she is not fit to represent Manhattan Beach. I am a resident of MB for 21 years, and the MB city council & the mayor's office should represent all residents.

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    Kathi Colligan almost 3 years ago

    I am a 25 year resident of Manhattan Beach, and support Suzanne Hadley as Mayor. I am concerned and saddened that this is even on the agenda. Even if I did not support Suzanne Hadley, she was elected in a fair election, and it is her turn to serve as Mayor. It is undemocratic and extremely concerning that politicians are trying to change the rules if they don't fit their agendas.

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    Kirsten Stockton almost 3 years ago

    I oppose Suzanne Hadley's appointment. As ref. by MB's Sunshine Policy, she is obligated "to conduct the people’s business." Hadley has taken it upon herself to speak her personal views which do not reflect all MB citizens. Life & death is not political. People are dying from COVID; Hadley says she knows none. Black people are dying from abuses of power/systematic racism; Hadley calls BLM anti-Semitic. Is the soul of MB to follow a tradition, or to be a pillar of human life and equality?